Ten steps to patent

Finally, a high level course on patents and how to get there

Filipa is an inventor from Portugal

She is a mother of two young boys and while she was watching them play, came up with a great new idea for a toy. She made a first working prototype, with some tape, some glue and some effort and gave it to her boys to test it. She was delighted to see that her boys just couldn’t stop playing with it. Her greatest dream is that this toy becomes available to all kids in the world. She envisions her newly invented toy to be on the shelfs at eye sight in all major toy stores around the planet.

Now, she is facing a dilemma. Filipa’s biggest fear is that showing her product to any toy manufacturer may bring them on some great product ideas. They could simply use the idea, steal it from her and benefit from it without giving Filipa any compensation. And Filipa knows that in order to shield her invention from this theft, a proper protection for her idea is a patent… yet a patent easily costs 5000 euro… a sum of money Filipa is not having at the moment.

And that is when I met Filipa… My name is Hendrik de Lange. I am a patent attorney, and I am active in the space of patents for over 25 years in various roles: as an inventor, an investor, as a licensor and licensee, as a patent attorney and as a patent examiner at the European Patent Office.

Together with Filipa, we made a step by step course for inventors like you. The course explains in ten easy steps, how to write and file your own patents and to get a protection for a full years for no additional costs. Today, Filipa has filed her patent application. Now, she can confidently step up to potential licensing partners, without having any fear, that her invention gets stolen. Within a week after completion of the course, she had her first meetings and is now negotiating a license with one of the major local Toy manufacturers.

So if you are faced with a similar dilemma, or you are just darn curious what Filipa has invented, click on the button and enrol in the course write your own patent.

What is the course about?

This course will teach you how to write a basic patent application, where to file the documents and how to get your first years protection without any further costs. This course is presented in interview style, where Filipa, an inventor from Portugal is guided in ten easy steps how to draft her own patent. The steps are:


I will explain what an invention is. I will also list the requirements for a patentable invention and explain them in a detailed fashion.



I will show all the different ways to protect your invention and their specific pro’s and cons.  



I will go through all the pitfalls that may occur when you show your invention to a licensing partner, a manufacturer or a distributor. I will describe a non disclosure agreement, also known as a secrecy agreement and explain the essential items in it. In this module you will also find a template non disclosure agreement for your invention.



I will go into the intricate details of what a patent actually is, what you can do with a patent and why it may be important for your invention to protect it with a patent. I will also go into the benefit to society of having patents, and explain a bit about the history and philosophy behind patents. Do not worry, I will be there to help and guide you through, so you will not get lost.



I will explain what is considered a new or novel invention. I will show you how to best perform a search in the patent literature data bases, which comprise over 120 million patent documents.



I will show how you can write your basic patent application. There will be a set of templates for you to write a great patent text, and a simple template for you to make your patent drawings.



I will show you where to file your patent application.



I will explain how to fill out the application forms step by step, which form you need and present some example filled out forms.



I will explain the international cooperation between countries, and the international treaties that govern the expansion of your patent protection in other countries. These treaties are intertwining national, regional and global cooperation in the realm of patent law.



I will explain how you can get a first years protection for your invention without spending any additional money. This is the core of this course, getting protection without spending money.

What would be your benefits?

In ten steps to patent, you will learn all the basic steps to write and file your own patent application. You will save massive expenses, the course price is only €797 in stead of €5000 to €25000 in attorney fees. By using this course in stead of hiring a specialist, it saves you at least €4000.


You will have all the tools to secure your invention and be able to confidently show your invention to potential business partners without having to fear any theft of your idea.


This course will give you a giant leap, getting you closer to having your product or service out in the market while generating a continuous royalty revenue stream.

Who is the course for?

The Course ten steps to patent is best suited for starting inventors and innovators who aim for success with their innovations. If you have a great idea, sufficient time and only little money, this course is for you.

Is Thomas Edison, James Watt, Werner von Siemens, Steve Wozniak or Elon Musk your absolute personal hero? Then this course is for you. All of them started with a great idea and little money.

This course is NOT for anyone who dreams of a quick success. If you prepared to exchange effort for later gratification, then this is the right course for you.

Price and offer

The course contains ten steps, each of about an hour of material, including all relevant templates for you to make patent drafting as easy as humanly possible. In the course, all relevant links to databases, filing offices and the required forms will be given. In order to write your own patent, including studying the material, drafting the texts, making the drawings and filling out all relevant forms will take about 3 to 4 weeks of your time.

Writing your own patent will save you fees in the order of 5000 to 25000 euro. If you follow the course, you can secure your protection for one year, with no additional costs. Before that year has finished, you can decide to either maintain your protection or to let your protection extinguish. If your invention has proven economically successful, that is a wise thing to maintain your protection or even expand your protection to other countries. In that case it is sensible to consult a patent attorney on how to best progress. If your invention has not become a success, you can simply do nothing. By doing nothing, after a year, the patent application will be deemed withdrawn, with no further costs. 

The course costs 797€, yet if you enrol before the first of November 2022, you can secure the special reduced offer price of 397 for the full ten modules. From December 2022 onwards, the price will be the normal price of 797€  for the full ten steps.


In the unlikely case that you find that this course is not suited to you, and provided you have not passed step 4 of the course, there is 30 days full refund guarantee, no questions asked.

Hendrik de Lange: innovator, patent attorney and presenter of this course

Next steps

When you click the enrol to the course button, you will be guided to a payment page. Here you can fill in your payment details and pay by means of credit card, pay pall or ideal.

After payment you will receive a confirmation email with the link to the course and an login code. The entire course will be available from the moment you have received your confirmation mail. If you purchase the course before the first of November 2021, you will automatically receive an additional special 400€ reduction on the course price. So now is the best time to click below and secure this opportunity. 

Customers opinion

The course Ten Steps to Patent has helped me a lot in creating a clear and concise text, that contains all the necessary information to serve as a full and complete patent application. Especially the template for writing a patent application was of great use and guidance. For inventors with little money and about one to two weeks of time, I can strongly advise you to purchase this course.

ir Maarten Menheere, Industrial design engineer