Old patents in the Netherlands

Improved water pump

This is a first figure, being part of a patent application of G.A. Eckhardt, who applied for a patent on 8-3-1771 and was granted a patent on 16-5-1771.
This is the second figure, being part of the same patent of G.A. Eckchardt. The invention was related to a water pump, wherein an enclosing tub was presented as innovative feature. ,The enclosing tub comprised a bottom part (iii) and a circumferential wall (gggg), in which a tilted paddle wheel could rotate. Until that time, most waterpumps were equipped with a vertically oriented paddle wheel rotating in a trough with a arc shaped bottom, matching the circumference of the lower part of the paddle wheel.

Improved water pump

This is a first figure, being part of a patent application of J. van de Werken, who applied for a patent, which has been granted on 20-3-1782.
This is a second figure, of the patent of J. van de Werken. Also this patent relates to a water pump or as is described: “a water machine”. This invention related to a series of drum shaped pumping cones, mounted on tilted axles, which tilted axles weer mounted in a carousel. The cones were equipped with inner helical blades (F) and an outer metal tire (G). Part of the weight of the pumping cones would be borne by tire (G), resting on a circular track, ported by supports (K). By rotating the entire carousel, the friction between the tire (G) and the circular track would force the pumping cones to rotate. This rotation would effect the helical blades inside the pumping cones to scoop up the water from the lower central part, and discharge it in to a circumferential trough (M).

Pivot mounted mortar

This figure relates to a pivot mount mortar, for which a patent has been granted to H. Meester in 1695.

Single bucket dredger

This figure relates to an invention of a dredger ship, equipped with a sort of moon pool in which a dredging arm with a dredging bucket mounted at its distal end. The dredging bucket has a cable operated hinging bottom wall, for unloading the dredging bucket without tilting. The driving force for hauling the dredging bucket and for operating the cable to open the bucket was exerted by muscle power, which was harvested by means of the two deck mounted running wheels.

Steam pump?

This figure appears a contraption of a steam engine of some kind. I havent found the proper description of this patent yet. I am very curious what this machine is able to do, If you have any idea, please leave a comment below!

Rake dredger

This figure relates to an invention of S. Stevin, depicting a rake operated dredger. The rake appears to be operated by muscle power through two running wheels, which drive two pinion wheels. The pinion wheels operate a set of toothed racks, for hauling the rake up along a ramp.

Improved tjasker type water pump

improved tjasker type waterpump, patent application filed in 1589