How to become successful with your patented inventions, even if you know little about the patent system.

Who is this Mastermind Patents to Profits for?

The Mastermind Patents to Profit is best suited for business owners or innovators who aim for success with their innovations. If you have an established patent portfolio or you are aspiring to develop one, this Mastermind is for you.

Is Thomas Edison, James Watt, Werner von Siemens, Steve Wozniak or Elon Musk your absolute personal hero? Then this Mastermind is for you, you will find here inspiring, likeminded people.

The Mastermind Patent to Profit is intended for people who truly want to contribute to a better planet, by taking massive action in an innovative way.

This Mastermind is NOT for anyone who dreams of a quick success, who is not prepared to exchange effort for gratification. This Mastermind is for persons, who have a clear and profound vision and are on a mission to make an impact on the world of tomorrow. They are here to leave a legacy for generations to come.

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The Mastermind Patents to Profit is the best of its kind, presented by Hendrik de Lange, who will share the top insights from over 25 years of experience in innovation, patents, licensing in, licensing out, patent drafting, patent examining, and license drafting.

This Will Be The Highest Level Patent Mastermind You Have Ever Experienced.

It will blow your mind. The Mastermind will be held in Delft at Friday February 28, from 10h AM until 17h PM.

Why do you need the Mastermind Patents to Profit? Why is it now the best time to join?


You will get the best resources on the planet, 25 plus years of experience in technical development, legal aspects and selling, bundled in this Mastermind.


You will save years of time by learning from a top expert in the field of innovation and patents.


You will save tens of thousands of euros by making wise decisions, through the massive benefit of a highly experienced patent and innovation specialist.


You will massively increase the value of your technical intellectual property portfolio.


Included is a 30 minutes personal consult dedicated to the specific IP position of your enterprise.


Enroll now, the number of seats is restricted for optimal knowledge transfer. The price for the Mastermind Patents to Profit is only 497€ for a full day of exposure to the state of the art on how to get from patents to profit.


There are currently only 7 seats left.