Ten Steps to Patent

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Ten Steps To Patent

Welcome to the course Ten Steps To Patent. In this course you will learn the basic knowledge on patents, how the patent system functions and how to write a basic patent application. furthermore this course will teach you how to obtain protection for the first year, for free. Indeed, you can have a free one full year protection. Please note that after that year, the protection will end, unless you prolong the protection. How to prolong the protection, is explained in detail in this course.

The course is set up in an interview style, where inventor Filipa is asking questions on how to obtain the protection. In a step by step fashion, I will guide Filipa through all the required basic steps and knowledge to achieve the protection she is looking for.

The course comprises of about 10 hours of video material distributed over 10 steps. If you want to use this course to write your own patent, it is good to know that it will take about two weeks of your time. So be prepared. It will explain every step in detail, yet you have to put in some serious work yourself. 

My name is Hendrik de Lange, I am a patent attorney, and I am active in the space of patents for over 25 years in various roles: as an inventor, an investor, as a licensor and licensee, as a patent attorney and as a patent examiner at the European Patent Office. I will be the host of the show and explain Filipa all about patents and the relevant information. Since Filipa is an inventor, she will ask all the relevant questions, questions that are also relevant to your situation.

I wish you good luck and a lot of pleasure in studying this course, and in all your ventures that may follow.


Hendrik de Lange